Remembering Wings (Comic Adaptation)


I've been writing about this character (Tessa Eisenherz) in this setting (Cygnus War / "Wings" series) since 2007. Recently, I started working on teaching myself to draw. It seemed only a natural evolution of that to try something like this.

This short comic was a massive undertaking, literally 4-6 hours per page, but also a wonderful learning experience! It's only five pages in total now, but if there's enough interest in the story, I may continue it.

It's basically an adaptation of the opening of my book "Remembering Wings." If you're intrigued by the story, you can pick up Remembering Wings (by E.S. Wynn) at all your usual online book retailers. Enjoy!

Additional Pages inspired by reader support (added as they are completed):

(more coming soon.)

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