New Inventory!

New inventory just came in!
Also, a sneak peek of things to come.

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Nightmare Illustrated

So this is pretty damn cool:

I have a story upcoming in the awesome new horror picto-fiction magazine called “Nightmare Illustrated.” The art is top notch— the B&W photo is one of four associated with my story.

They’re also looking for authors, artists, and comic strip artists for issue 2!

Payment is exposure and royalties based on a 60% share of sales.

E-mail submissions to Mark Slade from Dark Dreams Podcast: ANIMALMOTHER16@MSN.COM

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Pink Carbide: Lithium Liederkreis

From the back cover:

The year is 2167.

Hunted by the order she once served, Cylea has been forced to flee Britain for the safety offered by the Brotherhood of the Illuminati. Guided by Kari Angeletti, a woman who had once been one of Cylea's own Lumine Navi, Cylea finds sanctuary in the hills of Tuolumne County and discovers that the secrets surrounding her very existence may run far deeper than she ever imagined.

This is the fourth book in the Pink Carbide series
Pink Carbide (book 1)
Aluminum Opus (book 2)
Carbon Aria (book 3)

Official Site:

How to order:
Paperback ($16.95): [Lulu]

Ebook ($6.95): [PDF] [EPUB] [LIT] [MOBI] [Kindle] [Nook]

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