New Classes Coming Up!

So I've got some more classes scheduled at The Spice of Life in Sacramento, so feel free to stop on in and check them out!

The Spice of Life
Magical Apothecary
2014 28th Street, Suite A
Sacramento, CA 95818

Finding Your
Animal Spirit Guide:
Many cultures believe that everyone has their own animal spirit guide that helps them find the right path on the road of life. In this class, you'll be led through a
guided meditation to find your own animal spirit guide, and learn how to contact them and speak with them in times of need. This class taught by local author and teacher E.S. Wynn.
February 28th at 11:00am
Cost - $20.00

Finding The Inner Sanctum of Your Mind:
There is a place within everyone where serenity and peace of mind are always available, a place where the worries and troubles of the world melt away or are brought into proper perspective as obstacles that are always smaller than they seem. It is a sacred place, but many people have forgotten the way-- In this class, I will show you that path and that place through a journey of guided meditation. This class taught by local author and teacher E.S. Wynn
February 28th at 1:30pm
Cost - $20

Discovering Your Personal Muse:
Where does inspiration come from? Many people as far back as the ancient Greeks believe that each person has their own personal muse, a spirit or entity that grants inspiration to those who know how to listen. In this class, you will learn to reach out and contact your own personal muse, to hear them, and learn to draw inspiration from them! This class is taught by local author and teacher, E.S. Wynn
March 1 at 11:00am
Cost - $20.00

Magic poetry:
Poetry is the most magical and meaningful form of writing we as humans can use to express ourselves. It adds a strength and power to any form of energetic work that is unparalleled, and some of the most powerful magics worked by our ancestors were originally spoken or written poetically.. In this class, you will learn to do sacred writing and create spells, sacred notes, or powerful spells for protection, healing, or achieving your goals. This class is taught by local author and teacher, E.S. Wynn.
March 1 at 1:30pm

Cost - $20.00

Quick And Easy Energetic Cleansing
Learning how to cleanse energy on and around yourself and others is one of the most important things anyone who works with energy should learn. In this class, I will help you learn how to balance and center yourself, how to activate the focus points in your palms, and how to use your chakras to realign the energy around you – no sage required! This class taught by local author and teacher E.S. Wynn.
March 1: 3:30pm
Cost - $25.00

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