Tessa's Timeline

The Drifter (Tessa) By Francoslavic Banter

Thrilling squadrons of fans from all over the globe since 2005, the adventures of Tessa Ellen Eisenherz provide a thrilling vision of the future and a look into what makes us human before, during and in the aftermath of an interstellar war with the Cygnan Coralate, a shadowy enemy bent on nothing less than the total and complete annihilation of humanity itself. Below, you will find a regularly-updated timeline of the books which contain fiction chronicling the adventures, struggles and triumphs of Tessa Eisenherz.

The Beginning

The Cygnus War

Beyond The Cygnus War
(New books coming throughout 2023)

Furies of Toliman (Toliman #2)


Toliman Valkyrie (Toliman #3)


The Eisenherz Collective

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