Signal boost needed! :)

Hey all, I need a bit of a signal boost on this one.

One of my close and longtime friends is trying to turn over a new leaf in his life. He’s started a blog on Wordpress called “The Quest From Worthless to Worth” ( where he details his quest to become more than he is. He needs people to cheer him on and help him stay motivated. Even one shout out helps. Here’s an excerpt from the “about” page:
About My Worthless Self:
Hello, my name is Spencer.
i am a worthless fat pile of dog shit, i am 6’1” and weigh about 270 pounds.
i am 26 year old male, i am unemployed and i live with my father.
all i do everyday is play video games and jerk off to free streaming porn while i dream of being rich and famous.
everyday i sit around and be fat and depressed…. but starting today i am going to try and change it all.
Thanks and pass it on! Every reblog, tweet or comment helps get Spencer closer to his goal.

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