Darker Corners

Weighing in at 84 pages, this attractive 6x9 grimoire of awesome and twisted little tales caught my eye initially not because of the haunting cover art, but because of the quality and power of the author’s prose. Stories like “A Night at the Games” where a girl literally chews herself into bits or “City Life: A Personal Apocalypse in Five Parts” leave you with a strange and macabre sense of awe that few other writers can muster. It’s horror, its experimental, its literary, its PP/FF, and everything in between, and perhaps the most amazing thing is that this little gem is both self published and self edited by Richard Cody himself, a testament to the author’s dedication to both his craft and the quality of the work he produces. The least I can say is that, for the budget friendly price of $10, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy and give this collection a read.

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