Wed. Writing Prompts XXIX

1. Write a story about a person whose very life is defined by drastic change. Do you think this kind of life is something a person could get used to? Is it desirable? What would a life like that be like? What would it entail?

2. Spend some time brainstorming the weirdest situation you can. Play with your ideas, make them weirder, more into the depths of the bizarre. Now, use that situation as the basis for a story.

3. Write a story that meshes genres, like the tale of an old war hero who flew genuine fire-breathing dragons against psychic Roman centurions, or an account of the first elf to set foot on another planet. Be creative, mix things up, add new and random elements (like rainbow-spewing panda bears or plumbers who throw fireballs) to make the story even more unique.

4. Write a story about a person who refuses to have fun. Why would someone avoid fun? What would that person be like? What would they eat? What kind of clothes would they wear?

5. Write a story about a caravan and the people within it. It can be any kind of caravan – a caravan of cars, wagons, horses, spaceships, traders, circus people or anything else. What kind of problems do they face? What are the interpersonal dynamics of the people in the caravan?

6. Write your own piece of zombie horror fiction. Consider the hallmarks of the genre, the stereotypes and expected twists, then decide if you want to follow them or cast them aside and do a fresh take on the living dead.

7. Write a story about a doorway. What is special about it? Does it have some unusual trait, some memory or sentiment attached to it? What is on the other side?

8. Write a story that features a certain group of people in a “normal” environment (like monks in a monastery or truckers in a truck stop) and then replace what might be their “normal” dialog with something way out of left field (like complex theoretical equations). Be creative, play it rough and raw. Make no explanations or apologies.

9. Two people enter a room. One has the ultimate plan, and the other has the means to make it happen. Write a story that includes their conversation.

10. Write down your ultimate hope and your ultimate fear. Now, construct a scenario in which they both come true. Write your story.

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