Guerilla (Experimental) Art Campaign

I decided to try something new, so I started this experimental art campaign. The plan was to write a piece of flash fiction only five sentences long and spread it across five business card sized slips of cardstock that could easily be placed around in public places or handed out, with each card being a piece of the puzzle. It would have to be good-- the story would have to be composed of sentences that were strong and intriguing alone, but could hold their own when combined into a story on the front page of my website, all while still giving an example of the kind of writing I do. (see below)

After all, what better way to get the word out about my books, my online series, and my collection of articles and short stories? (Check the links to the right and down.)

Also-- If you're interested in picking up the whole set of five numbered cards in series 1 in hardcopy, let me know! If you include your mailing address with a donation of $5 (see link to the right and up labeled "Donate") I'll gladly send you an entire set of signed cards, but act fast! Supplies are limited!

Thanks for supporting independent artists!

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