Blackout City

It's the 1970's-- an alternate 1970's that calls to mind some of the era's most terrifying dystopian sci-fi nightmares.

The 1970's, and our hero is a hard-boiled detective with no face, a man who uses drugs to change his appearance, to stay alive in a city where having no face and no memory of who you are is as deadly as pulling a gun on a P.I.G.-- one of the city's robotic police officers.

The 1970's, and the city is Blackout City, home of Joe Smoke, Private Detective.

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This anthology is the work of Mark Slade, Frank Larnerd and many other talented folks (myself among them.)

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy today.

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Among The Stars

I've got a story in the upcoming "Among The Stars" installment of the "Coming Together" erotic anthology series!

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New Interview!

New interview up on Every Day Fiction. Check it out! :)

Stormcloud Poets #2

Join me in giving a big hand to the poets of Stormcloud Poets #2!

Stormcloud Poets #2 is a collection of poems selected by Author E.S. Wynn from submissions sent to Thunderune Publishing. Each issue of Stormcloud Poets brings to the forefront both new and established voices in independent and contemporary poetry. My standards as an editor are so high that roughly 96% of poems received were rejected. The competition was intense, but what remains is an anthology of incredible poetry unlike anything you've seen before.

Find out more and get your copy in print or digital here:

If you would like to be notified by email if/when Thunderune Publishing is seeking poetry submissions for future issues of the Stormcloud Poets anthology series, sign up for our mailing list at:

Tulloch County

Free to play, not a Thunderune Publishing product meant for sale or resale.

The map requires the game Minecraft to play!

Get the map here: [link]

The Wastes of Tulloch County: A Minecraft map set in the same universe as Letters From A Dead Earth

By E.S. Wynn


The world ended. Billions died. In Jefferson County, a handful of survivors tried to carve a living out of the dying land. Some were successful. Most were eaten alive.

In nearby Tulloch County, however, there were no survivors. There is only a crater, a massive scar in the face of the Earth where a huge piece of the county once was. Where that piece went, no one in the neighboring counties can say, and only one soul has any hope of discovering where Tulloch County went, why it isn't on Earth anymore.

You are that one soul.

* * *
Originally designed to look best with Santiago3's texture pack:
"The End Is Extremely Nigh"
Get it here:

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This map is a free-roam survival map with quests and a ton of secrets. There are no rules! If you can break it, it's yours! Place blocks, mine, farm, break things, grief-- this map is designed so you can do whatever you want in it. Feel free to run it with mods or snapshots too!

Play is open-ended and non-linear. Mine, explore, build, conquer, mod or grief by yourself or with friends in this huge post-apocalyptic map. Keep an eye out for books, unique items and other secrets! Whatever your playing style is, there's something in The Wastes of Tulloch County for everyone.

If you walk far enough in a given direction (after crossing over the mountains,) the map will start generating brand new terrain for you to explore (useful if you're playing on a later version than the current or running a mod that generates structures (like Ruins,) ores (like IndustrialCraft) or plant life (like ExtraBiomes.)

Find out more about the author here:

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Sex Droids

We have a cover for Sex Droids and Their Cyborg Toys! This is one of the anthologies I'm editing for Rogue Planet Press (an imprint of Horrified Press.) The art is by the awesome Stephen Cooney. Submissions are still open, so tell your friends and get those stories in!

Sex Droids and Their Cyborg Toys

Deadline: September 15th, 2014 – or until full

Payment: Exposure and royalties

Flash fiction and short stories (6,000 words max)

Poetry and reprints will also be considered

Sex. It’s primal, instinctual, animal– but how will it be different in the future? Going beyond leather and lace, this is a collection of sci-fi shorts about the high-tech side of love, about lovers as much silicon as silicone, chrome and plastic. The perfect lover or the perfect kink? You decide, so take a walk on the wild side with Sex Droids and their Cyborg Toys.

Please submit your manuscript as a *.rtf, *.doc or *.docx file.

Please check grammar.

Upon acceptance into the anthology, you agree that Horrified Press holds exclusive publishing rights for six months from the date of publication; after that date has passed, all intellectual property rights revert to the author with the proviso that Horrified Press retains distribution rights in the format of the contracted anthology.

This title will be available as an e-book and trade quality paperback.

E. S. Wynn will be presiding over this anthology.

Email your submission as an attachment to:

The email subject line must read “SUBMISSION – Sex Droids and Their Cyborg Toys – ‘your story title'".

Successful applicants will be notified before the deadline has expired.

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Cursed Curiosities

My story "What Wonders The Wise May Find" is one of the pieces featured in this anthology. :)

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Pink Carbide: Silicon Sonata

The last book in the Pink Carbide series is now available! Read the thrilling conclusion to the saga of Cylea in Pink Carbide: Silicon Sonata today!

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