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The first episode of Session Two might still be a few weeks away, but you can pick up the next (as yet unaired!) 22 episodes in the saga Cygnus War right now!

From the back cover of THE EREBUS ARC:

Four years have passed since the incident that unfolded at Tarsis 12, and the war has not been kind to Tessa Eisenherz or the Commonwealth. Stationed aboard the Hephaestus as a Major in charge of Ultima Thila's Freyja squadron, she has watched as humanity has been pushed closer and closer to the core, losing settlement after settlement in battles that go steadily more and more in favor of the Cygnan Coralate. Pushing herself to the edge in her own battle to overcome the losses she has suffered and seen, Tessa has thrown herself onto a new and sharper path, modifying her body into the ultimate weapon. Now, there is one more modification she has agreed to take on, but the dark secret that lurks behind it will rise to taste blood before she masters it.

Who will live and who will die? Who will fall, butchered by Coralate chrome, and who will win through against all odds? Find out in the exciting first half of the second and final session of The Cygnus War! The EREBUS Arc!

The Cygnus War: Erebus is the first arc of two in the second session of the chronicles of Tessa Eisenherz and includes episodes 1 through 22 of the series.

Don't want to wait to find out what happens next? You can keep up with The Cygnus War online (for free!) at

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A Thought

"To live simply, and to enjoy life without overindulging one’s taste for luxuries, is to allow others to live as comfortably as you do. We are all in this together, we are all of us alive, and we should all be entitled to the same quality of life while, of course, being encouraged to work toward the good of society instead of just the individual.


Breathing the sacred chants passed down through a thousand generations of ‘kanik priests, the acolytes roll hands wet with the sacred waters of the deep earth across the smooth skin of their god. Each step is measured, each word precise, each inch of cold, unyielding flesh warmed, joints massaged to taut flexibility. Above them, the avatar watches with half-lidded eyes, lets the rhythmic cycles of their words wash over and through him, prepares to become one with his sleeping god. Conductive paint itches, almost seems to stir on his skin in the flickering light. Three more cycles, and then the high priest will come and guide him in the Joining. Three more cycles, and he will cease to exist. Three more cycles, and he will fall upward into the body of his god, disappear into divine glory, and then there will be only Him, only the iron body, and the strength of the soul within it.

“It is time,” the high priest whispers into his ear.

“Awaken, god of the ancient ones.”

“God of the final war at the end of days.”

“God of the eternal aftermath in which we live each day.”

New Story Cards!

As some of you may remember, I released a series of story cards a while ago that featured single sentence stories which, when put together, formed a totally different whole. Well, here we are, a little over one year later, and I'm releasing Series II of the story cards. Enjoy, and if you've found one (or more) already, hey! They're a limited run, which makes them collectible!

Old Man and the Dragons

“Dragons? I didn’t usedta believe in dragons, but I learnt. You learn real quick out here what’s real and what’s not. Now, dragons, they’re as real as my wooden foot or the rounds in this here old rifle. Only took a couple of shots ‘for the dragons learnt that a man ain’t just another animal they can scoop up fer lunch. They don’t fly roundabouts these parts much no more, and I think it's safe to say they wouldn’t touch me with a barge pole ‘long as I got my rifle handy. I done seen to that, I did.”


Point of View

Cygnus War

science fiction
If you haven't yet had the chance to check out my long-running online series "The Cygnus War", you've been missing out on something special! With over a hundred episodes available to read for free online, its one of the largest quality sci-fi serials available on the web. Not a fan of reading online? The Cygnus War is also available in print as five separate mini-novels which you can buy here or by going onto the site, selecting the story arc of your choice from the top menu, and clicking on "In Paperback." Check it out today!


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Day of Silence

In honor of the Day of Silence, I'm posting a poem I wrote in 2008 when I first got involved with PFLAG and this, the silent protest in favor of gay rights. Enjoy. Click the image for full view.

Google Fight

So just on a random whim, I went onto Googlefight and put in my name, along with a few other authors, fully expecting to lose horribly, but, as you can see, I actually beat out a few of them. Then I aimed too high, and was horribly crushed. :)

Still, not bad, eh?


Pagan Writers!

Angelique Mroczka of the Pagan Writers' Community recently interviewed me about my books, my magazines, and my upcoming releases! Check it out by visiting the site here: (click)


The Lobster

I think it is safe to say that, in all honesty, this is my new favorite book. This is the first book I've read in a very long time that I wasn't able to put down, and only the second book in my entire life that I've been extremely tempted to immediately read over again. There is such power and wisdom here, a life lived and lived fully, rich with achievement, struggle and a series of downfall-like changes that really pull at the heart strings. Unique in its presentation, this memoir pulls the reader in like no other, and reveals to that reader a world of not only promise, but also great beauty. If I could recommend any book to any person, regardless of age, creed or background, it would be this book. Peter Grandbois is brilliant, and I can now safely say that I am a lifelong fan of this author, even if only because of this masterpiece.

Check out the author online here
The Arsenic Lobster on Amazon

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Providing an educational resource of "classics that don't suck" Revitalit is full of all kinds of poetry and prose literature in an easily accessible format combined where possible with audio and video formats as well. Enjoy!

Revitalit: Classics that don't suck.




I've been taking some awesome pictures lately and putting them up as stock images (which means they're free to download and use!) so swing by and check them out! :)

Wynnstock: Stock Photography by E.S. Wynn

The Change

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"Imagine what good we could do with all the money spent on war, religion, and the things that we do not need."


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