Wed. Writing Prompts XXVI

1. If the way that society defines reality creates the binding cultural framework of the world in which we live, then what is to stop people from simply redefining that reality, thereby changing the world for the better? Take some time to really think about this, then write a story that revolves around this idea.

2. Fashion is an interesting facet of culture and an element wholly unique to humans as far as animals on Earth go. Take a moment to consider all the unusual fashion trends of the past (birdcages in beehive hairdos, Schpantz, Skorts, paisley, bloomers, clothing made out of trashbags, etc.) and then design a fashion trend of your own. Now, write a story either about that fashion trend or about the people who embrace it.

3. Combine the names of two historical figures to make a hybrid (Bobdole Picasso, Jeffersonbeard, etc.) What is this “fused” character’s story? Where are they from? What is their claim to fame? What are their idiosyncracies? Write your story.

4. Take a moment to consider some of the films that you’ve seen which have been adapted from stories or books. What do you think goes into such a process? At what point do parts of a story get cut or expanded? Are there corporate board meetings that determine the fate of the story, or are elements simply axed on the whim of the director? Now, create a story about another literary work going through just such a process.

5. Consider the idea of an “Image Broker,” someone whose job it is to create an image around a person, like a corporate executive or a presidential candidate. Write a story about this idea– focus on the tale of a particular broker, his or her work, or even on the person who’s image is being recast by that broker. Be creative, see where your ideas take you.

6. Write a story about a character who regularly has to vacillate between “worlds”. These worlds could be anything– social lines, physical worlds, intellectual worlds, philosophical worlds, etc. Be creative– try a few different ideas before you decide on which one to write about.

7. Construct a nonsense sentence like “colorless green ideas sleep furiously” or “a verb crumpled the milk.” Think about it, consider how it could actually in some way be possible, how you might work the sentence into a story in which it would make sense, and then build up that story around it.

8. Consider for a moment a machine. It could be any kind of machine, but preferably one that holds some memory or emotions for you that link you to it in some unshakable way. Now, write a story about that machine (or one similar) and a person who uses it. Write about the memories and emotions it evokes in them, the way it changes and effects their life.

9. Someone you know is on their deathbed, coughing and hacking, dying of something that came on suddenly and that the doctors believe is just too far beyond their skill to fix. It’s clear that this person doesn’t have long– and yet there is a secret they have to impart to you. What is the secret? How does it effect your life? Does it change you in some way? Write your story.

10. Write a story where the character dialog is replaced and represented entirely by symbols, concepts and abstract ideas. Tell your tale without any quoted dialog– make every exchange between the characters wordless, and yet full of meaning. It’s a lot easier than you think!

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