The Lobster

I think it is safe to say that, in all honesty, this is my new favorite book. This is the first book I've read in a very long time that I wasn't able to put down, and only the second book in my entire life that I've been extremely tempted to immediately read over again. There is such power and wisdom here, a life lived and lived fully, rich with achievement, struggle and a series of downfall-like changes that really pull at the heart strings. Unique in its presentation, this memoir pulls the reader in like no other, and reveals to that reader a world of not only promise, but also great beauty. If I could recommend any book to any person, regardless of age, creed or background, it would be this book. Peter Grandbois is brilliant, and I can now safely say that I am a lifelong fan of this author, even if only because of this masterpiece.

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