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A Thought

Saying that the most important part of life is the journey and not the goal is like saying the most important part of the story is scrambling around trying to find your sword or your raygun and not the adventure that begins when you find them.

Weirdyear Interview

Jim Harrington over at Six Questions recently interviewed me about what I look for in the fiction submissions I receive for Weirdyear Flash Fiction. Check out my answers and get an edge on the writing market here:

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Audio Prompt #7

Audio Writing Prompt 7 by EarlSWynn

The Indigai

Childe Roland

Lovecraft's "From Beyond"

The Machine

“BUY.” The man urges as he shoves you onto the conveyor belt. “Purchase. Consume.” A machine built of flesh and programming grips your skull, nods your head. The man makes a curt gesture. “Next.” He spits, and suddenly you are whisked away. In the darkness, you hear the echo of his voice: “BUY. Purchase. Consume.”

The sound lingers in your mind as the belt tows you forward>>>. Machinery bends and shapes you, poses you and stretches the corners of your mouth into a smile. :) Pictures scroll past, men built of shining muscle and women cut from narrow plastic. “Want me.~” They whisper. “Be like me,” and the machinery bends you into all of their poses.

Eyeless faces rise out of the darkness and frown at you as you pass, :( mouths only opening to criticize the way you FAIL to approach the perfection of the shapes around you. :/ They whisper and gossip, trade barely audible giggles about the way your skin, your hair, your eyes and the ~curves~ of your flesh cometogether. For every critique, A RED NUMBER blares at you, registering each comment in a steady score of burning, negative numbers. “Bend this way!” They shriek, then gossip again as you comply. “Bend that way!”

You are worthless.” A voice thunders above them all. “You need the machine. Without it you are nothing.” A large plastic hose capped with a grubby nipple descends, thrusts toward your face. ( o )

Suck.” The voice orders. “Suck.

- - -
E.S. Wynn once stepped outside of the box. He never came back.

Kubla Khan


I've recently discovered Goodreads! If you haven't seen this awesome website yet, check it out! If you have, find me on there so we can share bookshelves! :)

E.S. Wynn's books on Goodreads

Weekly Audioprompt #6!

Audio Writing Prompt 6 by EarlSWynn

Wynn's Tennyson


A Tribute to W. Owen

Ultimate Book

Today marks the release of my single greatest contribution to art, and the single greatest book that the world has ever seen. From the back cover:

In your hands, you hold something miraculous.

This is more than just a workbook or a journal– it is a compendium of thought and philosophy for you to write in. It is your future, your past and your present all wrapped up into one grand, unassailable epic built to weather the ages and stand the test of time. It’s the world’s greatest novel in natus, it’s the key to your imagination, the doorway of fate where you leave your whispers and read what others have written in passing. It is a prayer book for every creed’s existence, a seven hundred page embryonic hymn of creativity designed to call forth the muses as you carry it with you like your own tablet of truth and pave your own way to your own vision of the world as it truly should be.

Featuring over 700 pages of diverse artistic, philosophical, scientific and other interesting and assorted musings, poetry, stories and prompts specifically designed to get you writing right now and right in the pages of this book, A Modern Creative Writer’s Workbook gives you everything you need, whether you are a hardened pro or just starting out on your writing path. Perfect for all writers of all ages, regardless of style or genre. This is definitely your workbook.

Pick up your copy here.

Meditate For Focus

Darker Corners

Weighing in at 84 pages, this attractive 6x9 grimoire of awesome and twisted little tales caught my eye initially not because of the haunting cover art, but because of the quality and power of the author’s prose. Stories like “A Night at the Games” where a girl literally chews herself into bits or “City Life: A Personal Apocalypse in Five Parts” leave you with a strange and macabre sense of awe that few other writers can muster. It’s horror, its experimental, its literary, its PP/FF, and everything in between, and perhaps the most amazing thing is that this little gem is both self published and self edited by Richard Cody himself, a testament to the author’s dedication to both his craft and the quality of the work he produces. The least I can say is that, for the budget friendly price of $10, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy and give this collection a read.

Explore “Darker Corners” Here

Weekly Audioprompt #5!

Audio Writing Prompt 5 by EarlSWynn

Awaken Arc

The fifth and final arc of The Cygnus War is now in print! New to The Cygnus War? Check out the series here

Political Packrat

Featuring lucid and interesting commentary and reporting on current events in the political sphere, Political Packrat is, without a doubt, one of the internet's best kept secrets. In fact, I've been so consistently impressed by her work that I approached her the other day to do an interview that should shed some light into the workings behind the scene at her site, and provided for some downright interesting reading as well. Enjoy!

E.S. Wynn: First of all, tell us a little about yourself.

PP: I am old enough to have a long history and lots of memories, but I 'll keep it short. I grew up a military brat and had the good fortune as a kid to live in many parts of the United States and to spend some time abroad. After college I headed to New York and had various writing jobs-- mostly in advertising and editorial promotion.

This was back in the days of typewriters and carbon paper when the New York Times employment section was where you looked for jobs. It had help wanted "male" and help wanted " female" sections. The good jobs were always in the help wanted "male" section, but getting a foot in the door if you were a girl was a problem. Jobs for even educated women were all about typing. Nobody had even thiought of the internet back then, except maybe for Isaac Asimov :-)

Eventually, I married, had two kids, raised them in a Brownstone in Brooklyn where I got involved with all sorts of local community and political organizations. I think that is when I began to see the importance of participation in the political dialogue and what a difference just a few people could make. I left Brooklyn in the late '90's. My husband and I called it quits after 33 years of marriage and I have settled in a small, central New Jersey town on the banks of the Delaware River, near friends, family, and grown children. I live and blog in a beautiful place where I have access to clean air, good food and wireless internet. What more could a girl want?

E.S. Wynn: What prompted you to start Political Packrat?

PP: Political Packrat kind of grew out of my other internet activities. Let me start by saying that I first went online in 1993 and knew right away that this was something as big and as defining for humankind as the Gutenberg Bible. I was hooked right away. I had my first website in 1996. It would today have been considered a blog, I think. I ran it till 2002 and it taught me a lot-- most importantly, I learned a new way of thinking and processing information that I still find fascinating. I call it thinking in hyperlinks and my kids, who grew up with technology, know how to do it organically. I have the advantage though, because I can think in hyperlinks, but I can also think linearly and more deeply in the old fashioned manner of my generation. It gives me a kind of double whamee when it comes to political blogging. that I find useful.

I started Political Packrat because I am something of a political junkie and follow world events with keen interest. I was already writing on hubpages and doing two other blogs, but I wanted one solely devoted to my personal take on world affairs and American politics. I just wanted to share my thoughts and opinions, backed up by facts, history, and critical thinking rather than raw emotion. I was tired of reading whacked out angry political rants from both left and right and just wanted to restore some balance and maybe a sense of humor to my little corner of the political blogasphere.

E.S. Wynn: If you had to label your political stance, what would it be?

PP: Good Grief-- I don't know that I can label my political stance. I am a registered democrat and definitely tend towards liberal and populist points of view-- but not always and not in all things. In some ways I am surprisingly conventional. I guess if I had to label myself I would say I am an open minded free thinker. At least that is what I hope I am:-)

E.S. Wynn: What is your opinion on the state of the world as it is now? Do you have any advice?

PP: Oddly enough, I think the world is better off now than it was during the Cold War when I was a kid. I spent my whole childhood thinking the world might get blown up in a nuclear holocaust any day. The super power face-off was a very hairy time when two systems battled it out and nobody was talking to anybody. In America we thought the Russians were going to attack and I now discover that little Russian kids were afraid of the Americans. Governments had power in those days-- a power that the internet has broken forever.

The internet and the jet plane have brought us all so close together that we are going to have to work out our problems and that's a good thing. It's as if all the people of the earth have suddenly been put in one room. They are jostling and pushing each other and cursing at one another, but eventually they will calm down and get along because they have no other choice. We have serious political, religious and cultural issues, disease, pollution, climate change and over population but we are talking to each other which is more than we were doing during the Cold War.

The internet is the highway of truth and the path to learning. In some ways, the future has never been brighter. It's a great time to be alive.

E.S. Wynn: Anything else that you would like to add?

PP: Just thanks for reading Political Packrat. It's the ultimate compliment one writer can give another.

Click here to visit political packrat and see what the latest scoop is!

Weapon Arc

The fourth arc of The Cygnus War is now in print! New to The Cygnus War? Check out the series here

Downfall Arc

The third arc of The Cygnus War is now in print! New to The Cygnus War? Check out the series here

Rescue Arc

The second arc of The Cygnus War is now in print! New to The Cygnus War? Check out the series here


I don't have any kids of my own to blog about (yet) but I have to say that my little sister is becoming quite the artist as she grows up. As some of you may know, she's the author of two awesome stories which have appeared in Yesteryear Fiction, (one of them yet to be released) which is one heck of an achievement, considering the fact that she's only nine years old. But, enough with the familial happiness-- click here to check out her website and see just how awesome she is for yourself. :)

Weekly Audioprompt #4!

Audio Writing prompt 4 by EarlSWynn

The Windhover

<3 Love, Love, Love <3

From the official press release:

Thunderune Publishing is proud to announce its newest guided meditation by author Earl S. Wynn (E.S. Wynn)!

This CD features four full-length guided meditations to charge you and the world around you with the energetic intent that you need!

Love Meditations features:
  • Grounding Meditation
  • A Meditation to bring out the love in you
  • A Meditation to build and awaken the passion within you
  • A Meditation to connect with your soulmate <3>
Sample Meditations:

Passion Building Meditation by EarlSWynn

All guided meditation discs retail hardcopy for $8.99, or you can download them as MP3s ($1.99 per track, $6.95 for each album) from Soundloud by visiting my music store through this link.

Click here to order the Energy Meditations CD

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