Red Gender

In previous articles, I've talked about the importance of visibility and representation for trans individuals. I maintain that it is vitally important for people within all minorities (the trans community included) to voice their experiences and to be heard. In order to resist and destroy destructive stereotypes and fear-saturated opinions about trans people and what it means to be trans, we must stand up and express our truth and our perspectives in any way that we can.

For me, that means writing. For me, the easiest way to express my experiences as a trans person is through poetry. That is why I wrote the book Red Gender.

Though Red Gender is not my first collection of poetry to deal with trans issues (see my book Trans Physical Dynamics by clicking [here]), it is the first that I've written which deals with trans issues exclusively. Every one of the more than fifty pieces included in this collection is inspired by my life and growth as a trans individual. Some are spicy, some are spiritual, some explore my battles with gender dysphoria and some are full of great joy and gratitude for certain experiences that only a trans person could live through.

In lieu of an article this week, I'm going to include a couple of my favorite pieces from Red Gender in this post. I'd be incredibly grateful if you would also consider picking up a copy of the book for yourself over at my publishing house, Thunderune Publishing. [link]

For One Night Only

Whether we're shaving our legs
stepping out together
as women
as the sexiest
most elegant
and enviable
lesbian couple
you've ever seen
or cropping our hair
back to butch
in black suits
and crisp hats
or slicking back
and going punk
in blood-flecked war boots
in grungy battle jackets
or mixing it up
as one stunning male
walking arm-in-arm
with his buxom babe
until we swap the roles
until we mix it up
and both become
a celebration
of alternate identity
arting up the body
for one night
for one night only.

* * *

Shave Away The Pain

It's about freedom
not fetish
it's about feeling
about being
your highest self
to shave down
all the rough edges
turning every angle
into a curve
until you are you
until you can look in the mirror
and smile
and see
someone you recognize
see you
the inside on the outside
for the first time
in all the dysphoric days
of your upsidedown life.

* * *

Manmade Monster

show your little girls
that they can be heroes
be butch and strong and sensible
and idolize tomboys
and tell them that they are beautiful
in their bald-head bootheel badassery

but never let your boys
grow up to be Nagels
to be proud and elegant
to be bold and beautiful
with eyes that slay
and heels that clack
that demand attention
and each strike
is like lightning

because we all know today
that it's okay
for a babe
to want to be a boss
in pants and suit and tie
in close-cropped hair
with minimal makeup

but put a guy
in painted nails
in a wig
in a cute top and padded bra
with shaved legs
under a pencil skirt
and people look
and people stare
and all because you've made a monster
you've made a man
into a monster.

* * *

If you enjoyed these pieces and would like to read more poetry on the trans experience, hop on over to Thunderune Publishing by clicking the link here: [link] and pick up your own copy of Red Gender today. Thank you for reading!

If you have a story (or poetry) about your own experiences as a trans individual or would like to be interviewed so that you can share your perspectives as a trans person with the readers of this blog, please feel free to contact me through the contact form here: [link]. Make sure you have javascript enabled or the form will just display a blank page. I’d love to hear from you, and I’d love to share your perspective with our readers. Thank you!

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