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Art "Valkyrie / Mother 2017" and Article By E.S. Wynn

I am first and foremost a science-fiction lover. I love absorbing all of the different interesting forecasts that sci-fi storytellers make about what might come to pass in the near and distant future. in my own visions of where we could go as a species and what goals we could accomplish, I like to think that maybe transitioning from one gender to another will become a much less arduous and much more complete proposition than it currently is. I like to think that someday we will reach a point where popping our consciousness into a new body will be as easy as installing software on a new computer. In that future (and I hope I live to see it) I'd love to make a complete transition to female, to the fully customized physical form that would most fit my ideal vision of myself and who I could be. Heck, if I could try different types and shapes and styles of bodies on, run around for a week or so in each, I’d definitely be willing to give that a try too!

Now, certainly I have the opportunity in this life to seek a gender transition, but I choose not to, partly because the technology of today is too crude to change my external characteristics to the degree necessary for me to be happy with the result (my previous article talks about my reasons for not transitioning.) If I had access to the technology that would be necessary to change my outside to match the physical parameters of the woman I am inside, complete with modified genes and a fully functioning female reproductive system, I would jump at the chance. A brand new body, custom-designed to fit my specifications? Who wouldn't want that? I know quite a few non-trans people who would love to completely overhaul their bodies. I wonder how many people would run down to the "body shop," as it were, to swap out for a different model than the one they're currently wearing. Heck, even being able to swap bodies with others would be a neat compromise. Imagine a database of people who are looking to trade their physical form with a specific other type of physical form. Imagine being able to arrange a swap, or a collective of swaps, so that those who don't like their bodies can trade them out for one that they do like, with enough people in the chain of swaps that everybody ends up happy. Sure, there are a lot of potential problems that could come out of a situation like that (what if you end up with a body that has major undisclosed problems, or just miss your old body and want it back?) but I wonder if the benefits might outweigh the drawbacks. Depends on how much you have to gain and how much you have to lose, I suppose.

Though we can certainly achieve wonders, I feel like today's technology for gender reassignment still leaves a great deal to be desired. To get an idea of how good it could be, given a sufficient level of technological advance, check out the free-to-read stories I've included below, which are my own explorations into the future of gender, and how it might be modified to suit the needs (and whims) of the individual. Click on the names to view the stories.

Cool Blues of Fresno Bay

Gender Revolution

Digital Repatriation


If you have a story (or poetry) about your own experiences as a trans individual or would like to be interviewed so that you can share your perspectives as a trans person with the readers of this blog, please feel free to contact me through the contact form here: [link]. Make sure you have javascript enabled or the form will just display a blank page. I’d love to hear from you, and I’d love to share your perspective with our readers. Thank you!

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