Happy Halloween!

In honor of the occasion, I made something awesome! :D

Hope you have a great one!

Bizarre Writing Prompt #10

Look into the darker corners of everything. They are there. You cannot always see them, but they are there. Find the darker corners and peer into them. What do you see? What reaches back, sees you?

Write your story.

Poetic Writing Prompt #5

Flip the mirror and fall into the sky
Flip the sky and fall into the mirror
Fall into the earth and the flip-flop continues
Flip flop
Flip flop
Sky, mirror
Mirror, sky.

Write your story.

Elk Moon

Here's another piece of my wood art. If you're interested in purchasing this piece, email me. :)

They do! :)

The Duel

Quote Writing Prompt

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."


Write your story.

Bizarre Writing Prompt #9

Twin boots touch the sky. Twin dragons intertwine in supple lines. Twin hands lace in darkness, but only a single heart throbs passionate.

Write your story.

Be Honest


Another piece of wood art I produced the other day. If you're interested in purchasing "The Watcher," for $25, feel free to email me.

Poetic Writing Prompt #4

When I turned myself to face me
I saw that I had no face
I saw the mask that was not
I saw the soul
Buried in the skin.

Write your story.

Can Do

Bizarre Writing Prompt #8

A master of eyes sits and waits. A master of sense dances the line between the now and the un-now. A master of waste sees all and brings nothing. What does the mistress do?

Write your story.


New Site!

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Weekly Artist
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Poetic Writing Prompt #3

When the farm becomes the prison
and civilization becomes the key
is the soul merely trading
one cloud
for the silver lining
of another?

Write your story.

- - -

Create Freedom

Bizarre Writing Prompt #7

Tiny beetles thread their sharp, dark little bodies through paper-thin skin, wriggle in the little spaces between muscles, seek their way toward the rich and pulsing veins of sick organs. You can feel it in the itching behind the eyes, the way the fingers tighten a little at the edges, the sides. Feeling this, you know they are not insects. Anything but.

Write your story.

Do Easy

William Burroughs' Discipline of Do Easy

Video Writing Prompt #6

Watch this, then write.

Bizarre Writing Prompt #6

Chasing demons through the labyrinthine passages of your iridescent mind, you discover that the self is nothing more than a wood block carved by the turning of the world like a lathe. Try as you might, you cannot stop the lathe, only adjust the depths to which it carves you, the parts of the block of the self that are cut.

Now, write your story.

Rhinos Go Marching

Nothing is Hard

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Video Writing Prompt #5

Watch this, then write.


Poetic Writing Prompt #2

The heat and shine
Of a baser man
Outclasses, outweighs
The fox-shine man,
Outfoxes the fox-shine man
In ways that the fox

Write your story.

- - -


Bizarre Writing Prompt #5

A beast lurks in the hides of the eyes and breathes only what it is given in trade. The man with the eye turned skyward does not see the broken one, does not see the light which ever-touches the eye and beams to a future more light than dark. Do all futures have darkness, or is there a lighter realm where the soul burns with an unbroken light?

You decide. Write your story.

Video Writing Prompt #4

Watch this, then write.

Make A Plan

Poetic Writing Prompt #1


A dog barks


There is rain on the window


Cold as blood.


Write your story.

- - -

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