Stormcloud Poets #2!

Stormcloud Poets Anthology #2
Edited by E.S. Wynn
Cover photo by Cheryl Empey

From The Back Cover:

If I could write with fire
I would burn poems into pages
Fling sounds like sparks
Paint skies with brushes lit
By primal life
By primal rites.

If I could write with fire,
I would rise as such a force of flame
That my words would snap
Like the lash
Of a storm

That my words would burn
Pour passion
From streaming pages
And light the night
With the echoes
Of flaming

Stormcloud Poets #2 is a collection of poems selected by Author E.S. Wynn from submissions sent to Thunderune Publishing. Each issue of Stormcloud Poets brings to the forefront both new and established voices in independent and contemporary poetry.

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Submissions close for Issue #2 on July 31st, 2014.

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