The Dream

I sleep during the day and work during the night. Today, halfway through the time when I usually sleep, I woke up and found myself unable to slip back into unconsciousness, so I closed my eyes and steadied my breathing for meditation instead. For the past several weeks, I've been studying OBE techniques and trying (loosely) to have my own out of body experience, so far without success.

During my meditation today, I did the usual straining and pulling I feel myself doing, mentally asking for help, trying to envision my consciousness ascending out of the top of my head, but to no avail. Eventually, I fell asleep, and when I did, I had the strangest and most vivid dream.

In my dream, I ascended into the sky, flew out to the house where I grew up (now in ruins) and, realizing that time was an illusion over which I had total control, I willed the house back to the glory of its prime, an act which brought me great joy. Then, content with the condition of the house, I rose still higher, rose until I was among the clouds, and settling on the edge of one of the clouds, I found myself facing a great stone lodge with massive golden doors emblazoned with the square and compass of Freemasonry. Walking up the three steps to the door, I pushed it open and walked inside, where I was immediately greeted by the grins and clapping hands of hundreds of my fellow brothers long since departed, all of them dressed in their finest clothing and wearing ornate aprons. One by one, I shook their hands, grinned back at them, and greeted famous men like George Washington, John Wayne and Benjamin Franklin, along with many other brothers who I knew were great men but whose names slipped away from me like mist. I felt an incredible sense of belonging among these men, a kinship, and it was inspiring, powerful, incredible.

In some ways, it reminded me of stories I had been told of a "great wise council" that I had heard from members of the pagan community, where great masters of wisdom of the past gather in a council that can be sought out, a council that takes a form most meaningful to the visitor. It also, in some ways, reminded me of William Buhlman's concept of consensus realities (or heavens) observable and transversable by OBEs.

Whatever it was, it was, at the very least, one of the most vivid and moving dreams I have ever had.

- - -

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