My favorite thing about this book is that it is like the novelization of that game Deus Ex, and that game was bad ass.

Okay, so it's a little different storywise from Deus Ex, but not by much. What's even more awesome is that, while Deus Ex was deep and full of some rocking secrets and lore, Echelon has just that much more to enjoy-- and its a book! (Some might consider the lack of interactivity to be a con as opposed to a pro.) It also has some definitively James Bond type action in it (as well as a woman who is almost a Bond girl) and a lot of gray goo (nanotechnology.) As far as post-cyberpunk sci-fi lit goes, Echelon is probably one of the better pieces, and it even has a sequel! As for my rating-- Five out of five. Good, strong, easy to read and capable of hooking you. Solid. Well done, Josh.

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