Blade Dancer

I admit it, Viehl is one of my favorite authors, so I am most definitely biased. That said, this book was. . . decent.

Okay, so it was better than Bio Rescue, and the ending was pretty killer (especially the way Viehl ties it into her awesome Stardoc series) but it could have been less klingonesque and more. . . I don't know, anything other than Star Trek. Viehl has a strong writing style, and her work has that same open, awesome, memorable vibe that Star Trek: The Next Generation does (literally the same vibe) without any of the camp or cheese that you get from Trek adaptations and bad episodes. If Trek was a dull blade, Viehl's works would be the razor-edged analog.

All the same, Blade Dancer is fast-paced and powerful. The storyline is strong for a sci-fi leaning romance paperback, but not as good as say, Shockball (one of the Stardoc novels.) Regardless, it pushes into a four stars out of five by a nose (or the tip of a blade, as it were. Go out there and get it.

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