All Tomorrow's Parties

Gibson is either a genius, or he has us all snowed. I tend to hold with the former, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out someday to be the latter. Maybe I just don't read close enough, but the older he gets, the less comprehensible his work is to me. I know there's some point besides the minimal action (there has to be, right?) but I honestly couldn't tell you what it is. His work just seems kind of brilliantly lost to me.

One thing this book definitely has going for it is that it goes down smooth. Gibson tells a story that slides in as easily as it slides out-- like a vivid dream, you just kind of live through it and are haunted by the patterns that linger afterward. Do I recommend it? Yeah, definitely. Maybe you'll have better luck figuring out what is going on than I did. Four out of five stars (because he's done better work in the past, like Count Zero.)

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