After Two Years:

The Cygnus War:
An Immersive Tactical Strategy Game

Easy to learn, set up, and fun to play, The Cygnus War: Immersive Tactical Simulation Game has everything you need to play pretty much whenever you want, wherever you are. (Just add pencils and a pair of ordinary dice.)

Based in the thrilling universe of The Cygnus War, the ITSG puts you in the cockpit and on the line between humanity and brutal annihilation at the hands of the shadowy, swarm-like Cygnan Coralate! Play as Terran or Blueskin, test your mettle by flying classic scenarios or challenge your friends to a fast-paced free-for-all in the cold, cruel interstellar killing field of deep space. Everything you need is here, including hex maps, sheets and counters that you can pull right out of the book!

The ITSG also features original fiction not seen anywhere else-- even on this site!

Order your copy today (PDF or Paperback): $9.95

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