Pink Carbide in Audio!

From the back cover of the book:
"In the dark underworld of Los Angeles, 2162, Cylea is targeted by unknown forces within the shadowy depths of global corporate government. Safety is scarce and running is the rule, but each brush with death builds new layers of strength within her, yielding new clues and new mysteries as she fights to uncover a deep-rooted secret unlike any other in the history of the human race, centered around the last person she'd ever expect it to be. Herself."

This is the first installment of the powerful epic written and read by internationally acclaimed author E.S. Wynn. Critics have described his work as "incredible", "astounding" and even "godly." Don't miss this amazing seven disc, forty-one chapter audiobook which lays out the future as it could be, and follows the one woman who will ultimately change that future. . . forever.

Where to get it:

On Tradebit (click here)

Disc 1: Click here!

Disc 2: Click here!

Disc 3: Click here!

Disc 4: Click here!

Disc 5: Click here!

Disc 6: Click here!

Disc 7: Click here!

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