Wednesday Y.A.W.c #3

(Young Adults Writing creatively!)

What you need:
Selections of an original piece of Shakespearian literature
Selections of a piece of Shakespearian literature in a “modern translation.”

The Set-Up:
“Okay, so today we’re going to work with some Shakespeare in its original form and in a form that is much more familiar, language-wise."

The Activity:
Pick out matching sections of Shakespearian literature, but try to find two sections that have been drastically changed by the “translation” process. Have students volunteer for roles and then give them copies of the “script” that they can perform in front of the class. Assign one group to perform the “hard” version and one group to perform the “easy” version. Afterwards, ask your students to take out a piece of paper and write about what they’ve learned. Offer “Clarity in writing in order to get one’s point across better” as an example.

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