Sex and the Cygnus War

“Well, it’s not like you’re a lesbian or anything.”

“Even if I was, it shouldn’t matter.” Izandra sat upright, scooping up the drink again. “Fact is, I still like men,” she smiled lovingly at Tessa, “I just like you better.”

When I first sat down to write The Tessa Chronicles: The Cygnus War, sex was the furthest thing from my mind. I didn’t set out to write anything that would liberate anybody of their more conservative notions or raise a banner for people of the LGBTQ community to rally around, nor did I intend TTC to become any kind of platform for new political or social issues to be raised and put out there for the world to see– but, then again, that’s one of things that good science fiction is ultimately supposed to do, isn’t it? Nah, in the beginning, I was just a young man who had an urge to write a story about airplanes, specifically semi-atmospheric airplanes (which means airplanes that are cool enough to go into space under their own power.)

But ultimately, something changed, and it changed very quickly.

In the world of The Cygnus War (circa 2304) sex is just another part of life for most people. The idea of committing oneself to a single partner in marriage is seen as traditionalist and sort of humorously respected from a distance by the majority of society (like the lifestyles of the Amish are by the modern day American) and the notion of homosexuality, of a barrier between “straight” and “gay” is virtually non-existent. People love who they love, and they don’t label it as straight, gay or bisexual. They don’t discriminate based on gender or sexual preference when it comes to finding someone to love, and they don’t usually stick hard and fast to any one “preference” anymore than most of us would stick hard and fast to eating at any one particular restaurant. Even the idea of a particular set sexual preference is archaic to these people. Why would you love only men if you could love women too? Why limit yourself?

This doesn’t reflect my personal views when it comes to my own personal preference, nor is it meant to further any kind of agenda I’m trying to open the eyes of the world to (beyond my universal agenda of always promoting acceptance of everybody, as long as whatever they’re doing isn’t hurting anyone else) it simply reflects what I see could be a possible evolution (or degradation, if that’s your viewpoint) of the way humanity could end up viewing sexuality in the future. Because that’s what TTC: The Cygnus War is ultimately about, isn’t it? The future.

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lwcldylan said...

true, it's about the future! hah I think that's a pretty interesting point of view. I think there are already a lot of people who live their lives this way (i.e. having muttiple sexual partners, sometimes simultaneously) and I think it's a fine way to live ones life. Although I think even 300 years from now people will still have jealosy. And if ther is jealosy these types of relationships will never be easy to maintain. Maybe I'm just ol' fashioned, I can't imagine trying to juggle two relationships at once!

another great article!

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