The Balancing Act

I had an epiphany this morning I had to get down and out there. I'm not advocating anything here, and I know some will see this as common sense while others will see it as paranoia. Empower yourself, read it and judge how you feel. I know there's more to be said and looked at, so feel free to comment/suggest anything you feel should be added, changed, or re-evaluated. Knowledge is power. Always keep an open mind. This is just what my research has turned up, and god(dess/whoever) knows I'm just one person with one point of view.

The Balancing Act.

FACT: Big Business (i.e. Corporations/wealthy individuals) have a major effect on global affairs. (all that money!)
FACT: CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, and all levels of US. Gov't show interlinking connections (I.E. There is undeniable heavy corporate influence on the Gov't.)
FACT: The media, which is owned by (is) Corporate interests, is moderated by Gov't agencies that show heavy concentrations of people tied into corporate interest.
FACT: Most people in the United States watch T.V.

Here's what I think is going on:

Science has told us that there's no proof either way of magic, the soul, miracles, or anything else supernatural or otherworldly. No proof is the term they use, and it's a convenient loophole that allows an escape path if new evidence is found. But as society grows and gets harder to govern, more and more maverick scientists are finding that there is in fact proof for psychic phenomena, magic, miracles, incorporeal energy and the like.

A point of interest is that the supernatural phenomena that are generally dismissed are those relating to personal empowerment, that is, the ability to stand up and effect the world around you on a greater scale than yourself, the ability to perform miracles and modify the unseen. Who would benefit from a mass of people that believe they have no personal power? Those currently in power.

Who is currently in power? Many would say the biggest sway is held by Corporate, and yes, the big wigs do meet to discuss "secret" matters. (Bilderberg, Trilateral, etc.)

So who watches Science for unbiased results? The UCS (Union of Concerned Scientists) whose reputed purpose is to keep corporate influences from effecting the progress of science or the release of data to the public. Funny, since the UCS is greatly influenced by organizations like the CFR and long-standing corporate-linked families like the Rockefellers, The Rothschilds, and the Warburgs. So essentially, the same people who would influence science negatively are entrusted with watching to make sure it doesn't happen.

So what are we left with? There is still religion. Mainstream America (i.e. the bulk of the population) claims to be Christian. But if a person claims to be Christian and yet does not follow Christ's teachings, doesn't read the bible, doesn't believe they have the power to preform miracles as Jesus did (and Jesus said we all have the power to be like him) indeed has no inkling of these ideas at all, then where does their "faith" come from?

• Parents/relatives
• Society as a whole
• Church (how many people who claim they are Christian go to Church?)
• The Media.

Assuming that Parents/Relatives and Society are given religion and faith through these four routes, that leaves Church and The Media as the two remaining major influences present. Who controls the Media? Big Corporate. Again, we come back to cost/benefit for those in power. Church is a maverick variable– they are institutions not technically condoned by the bible that are effected by a conglomeration of Media programming and cater to the mainstream herd mentality (in order to keep the donations up) the latter of which is heavily effected by the Media.

This does not mean that Christianity or Christians are wrong or evil– True Christians, people who follow Christ's teachings, read the bible and seek out unmodified biblical documents to compare and contrast in their own minds are empowered individuals. They have choice, and they exercise it. So why Christianity and not, say, Judaism, or maybe Islam? Simple.

• It's widespread in the United States
• It's naturally xenophobic (i.e. One god before all others mentality)
• People accept it without question when it's doctrines are modified by people in power (Priests, Dream of the Rood, Pope, King James, Presidents)

What we have here in the United States is less Christianity, however, than a hybridized form of quasi-faith that people cling to for the following reasons:

• It's easy (Everybody's doing it.)
• It's the predominant religion of "Good Guys" in mainstream media today.
• It's all inclusive (Many people are Christian because they were "raised that way".)

There is nothing in here about personal empowerment. This new form of Christianity is in fact, anti-empowerment. It teaches us that Christ was an amazing man, but does not empower us to become like him. In fact, if you look closely, you will find that "Christian" has become more of a label than a religious bent– Science (as it stands now) predominantly discourages religion in all its forms, decrying anything "Miraculous" or "Magical" as false. Considering the influence science has over the minds of people (and the increasing correlation between a college education and a good job) and the division in society as a whole between "Science" and "God" (Rather like Republican and Democrat) we end up with three (predominantly) groups of people. Those who are effected solely by the media and this quasi religion (and decry science), those who are effected solely by the doctrines of science (and decry anything faith) and the biggest group of the three, those who stand in the middle, unsure, unwilling to completely trust either. None of these are empowered by their stance. They are instead bitterly divided against one another, each of the extremes with their own overwhelming, compelling evidences (where does this evidence ultimately come from?) rattling their cages on either side of the mainstream and scaring people into line. And so, the mainstream is put into a finely tuned balancing act.

By keeping mainstream society balanced where it is between faith and atheism, the individual's efficiency is increased. People have a god and a belief system to cling to when things get tough (i.e. through prayer) though science has cast enough doubt upon it (and the existence of god) to reduce it to a simple comfort mechanism. Sure, most people will say "I am Christian!" and defend the notion to the death no matter how "sinful" their lifestyle is. (this term is up for interpretation– many of the things that are considered sinful today were not so according to the teachings of Christ) but in the end, few people actually follow the teachings of Christ or show any sort of real "belief" in their faith beyond simply claiming it (it becomes a defense mechanism here – everybody's doing it, and it's safer to be part of the herd than apart from it)

So why the balancing act? Consider the fact that many philosophers have agreed that if it were absolutely proved that there is nothing "spiritual," no soul, nothing, that we are simply meat and bone and when we die we will be no more in any state, then society would be ungovernable. If this is your only life and then it's totally done, nothing, no more, who would want to be stuck where they are? If there are no consequences (except the physical – such as jail or death) then why not just go out and steal what you need, kill whoever gets in your way, run naked in the streets, break every commandment? It becomes "Why die sooner?" v.s. "Death comes anyway, have fun" very quickly.

So we have a god to keep the mainstream in check. When police and legal institutions aren't enough, we have someone unescapable at the end of the road in the terrifying domain of death that will judge you and commit you to an eternity of hellfire if you don't stand in line with everyone else. Now I'm not saying that there isn't such a god (if you want to believe in him) but I doubt his agenda (and measure of a good human being) is the same as Big Corporate's.

When these two ideas come together in the mainstream, we essentially end up with people confused and doubting that there is any sort of afterlife. This leads to carefully restrained atheist tendencies (i.e. impulsivity) without the chaotic nature of those who "know" there is nothing judging them. How does this manifest? Just look at what most people do their entire lives– They go to work, then they party, they forget about anything than what's right in front of them and just "go" until retirement (and/or death) claims them. They do not reach out and try to effect things, they are not empowered, and as any empowered individual will tell you, no form of prayer or ritual works unless you whole-heartedly know it will.

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As my Oma used to tell me, "When you think you can, or you think you cannot, you're right!"

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