Shamanic Meditations

From the official press release:

Thunderune Publishing is proud to announce its newest guided meditations by author Earl S. Wynn (E.S. Wynn)!

This CD features four full-length guided meditations to charge you and the world around you with the energetic intent that you need!

Shamanic Meditations features:
  • A grounding Meditation
  • An Auric cleansing meditation
  • A Meditation to awaken the power and strength of a Shaman within you
  • A Meditation on the use and creation of energetic tools
Sample Meditations:

Awakening Your Shamanic Power Meditation by EarlSWynn

All guided meditation discs retail hardcopy for $8.99, or you can download them as MP3s ($1.99 per track, $6.95 for each album) from Soundloud by visiting my music store through this link.

Click here to order the Shamanic Meditations CD

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