You're Gonna Love This

Recently, while exploring the wonderful world of Stumbleupon, I ran across the author blog of one of my favorite authors-- S.L. Viehl.

I clearly remember the day when I found her first Stardoc Novel-- something like five years ago, a well-read and well-loved copy wedged into some forgotten and dusty corner of a used bookstore somewhere on the northwest coast. Once you pick up one of her books, you realize almost immediately that you just have to love it. Within a few short days, I had sucked down that first book and was scouring Amazon for more-- and each book has only gotten better. Even now, I can't help but be so in love with her writing, her characters and the interesting storylines she weaves that practically pre-order every new book in the series as it comes out.

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of getting to read her work before, S.L. Viehl's Star Doc series chronicles the adventures of Doctor Cherijo Grey Viel Torin, the most interesting and incredibly awesome gen-engineered superdoc to fill the pages of a paperback since... anyone. This "Star doc" is literally on-par with "Bones" McCoy-- if not cooler (and I say that despite my trekkie-ness.)

So get out there and give her Star Doc series a read. It's definitely worth the price of the two mochas you might by otherwise. :)

Her author blog:

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