New Classes!

Tomorrow, (Saturday, August 28th) at McBean Park in Lincoln! (Just off highway 193 !)
Park in the lot and look for the sign(s) that indicate where the class(es) you are attending are.

Each class is only $10 at the door (or pay $50 for the whole day!)

The Instructor:
E.S. Wynn is the author of fifteen books (Pink Carbide trilogy, The Cygnus War series in print, Beyond Oblivion and a Modern Creative Writer's Workbook) the chief editor of three daily literary fiction magazines (Weirdyear, Daily Love and Yesteryear Fiction) designer and voice actor for all 10 discs of the Meditations for the Soul series, as well as the owner of Thunderune Publishing. You can find out more about him at

10:00 AM
Finding The Inner Sanctum of Your Mind:

There is a place within everyone where serenity and peace of mind are always available, a place where the worries and troubles of the world melt away or are brought into proper perspective as obstacles that are always smaller than they seem. It is a sacred place, but many people have forgotten the way-- In this class, I will show you that path and that place through a journey of guided meditation.

11:00 AM
Easy Morning Poetry Workshop

This easy-going poetry workshop is all about creative expression. Come and put pen to paper with us for the sake of art and learn how to free the poetry within you that’s just itching to get out. Bring something to write with and something to write on!

12:00 AM
Discovering Your Personal Muse:

Where does inspiration come from? Many people as far back as the ancient Greeks believe that each person has their own personal muse, a spirit or entity that grants inspiration to those who know how to listen. In this class, you will learn to reach out and contact your own personal muse, to hear them, and learn to draw inspiration from them! This is a guided meditation.

1:00 PM
Working Past Writer’s Block:

Writer’s block: we’ve all experienced it to some degree at some point in our lives, and as a writer it can be a crippling experience. In this workshop I will teach you how to overcome your writer’s block and open the valves on your creativity– whenever you want! Bring something to write with and something to write on because we’re going to get creative!

2:00 PM
Finding Your Spirit Guide:

Many cultures believe that everyone has their own spirit guide that helps them find the right path on the road of life. In this class, you'll be led through a guided meditation to find your own spirit guide, and learn how to contact them and speak with them in times of need.

3:00 PM
Art In The Digital Age: Taking Your Writing/Music/Film/Art To The Next Level

What’s the biggest obstacle between a starving artist and a successful one? Coverage! In this workshop I will teach you to take your chosen art form, no matter what it is, to the next level with a ton of marketing techniques that are sure to get you noticed! Bring something to write with and something to write on, because you won’t want to miss a moment of this class.

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