Why Donate to Thunderune

Thunderune Publishing was founded in 2005 by Author E.S. Wynn as a response to the corrupt and flawed practices currently running rampant in the publishing industry. His vision was (and still is) to provide an ethical alternative to the current model and hasten the approach to a future where publishing companies are run by and for the artists, authors, musicians (and their fans) instead of by business execs eager to finance their next luxury purchase (or unnecessarily extravagant ways of life.)

But no man is an island, and he can’t do it all alone. Here are some reasons why you can feel good about donating to Thunderune Publishing.

  • Thunderune Publishing provides all kinds of free fiction, from our 160+ episode Sci-Fi epic “The Cygnus War” and the “Cybridized Edition” of Pink Carbide to our daily fiction magazines, Weirdyear, and Yesteryear Fiction each of which launches a new story by a different (but equally talented) author every day.
  • Thunderune Publishing also provides a number of free educational resources, from the “classics that don’t suck” at Revitalit to the audiobook readings of classic literature available on Youtube and Soundcloud.
  • Thunderune Publishing is committed to the ethical treatment of authors, artists and musicians, and provides not only outlets for free publicity (like Weekly Artist) but also community inclusive projects (like Fractal Novels and Chaos Grimoire).
  • As part of its continuing commitment to authors, artists and musicians, Thunderune Publishing also features an aggressive expansion plan which would bring a series of new, as yet unpublished authors into the company catalog (and the public eye) with a powerful, concise publishing contract that allows authors to keep not only their copyright on a given piece of work, but grants them a generous 50% royalty on profit from sold copies. (Traditional publishers often require the author to surrender all rights and give only a 6% royalty less the sum of the advance, meaning if you get a $5000 advance, you don’t see a dime until that 6% adds up to $5000.)
  • Thunderune Publishing was founded by (and is currently run by) one guy. One really dedicated, idealistic (and tired) guy who puts 40-60 hours a week into expanding and maintaining the Thunderune Network.

To help Thunderune grow (and keep a worthy cause alive!) please consider contributing to our Get Thunderune Publishing! fundraiser or pick up a gift for yourself (or someone else) in our store.

Every little bit helps!

Founder E.S. Wynn


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