ARKENSTRIDE is an episodic saga set in a dark and mysterious fantasy world rich with strange magics and exotic places. Created by author E.S. Wynn, Arkenstride is the latest work by the same voice behind Thunderune Publishing's most popular epic, The Cygnus War. Armed with the legacy of the Arkenstride family, a blade gathered and formed from the user's own spiritual energies, Tanelsa Arkenstride is far from the southern lands and the desert empire of her birth. Lost in the snowy, northern hill-country of Brialda, Tanelsa battles the powerful seer Felgath, a dark and shadowy form that holds her sister captive and hunts the young Tanelsa with an army of twisted and horrific creatures unlike anything seen in the Eight Lands before.

Episodes 1 - 4 are available exclusively on Amazon. Episodes 5 - 7 go live this Friday!

Find out more my visiting the Arkenstride page on Thunderune Publishing:

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Books and E-Shorts

All books are available in print (paperback, some in hardcover,) DRM free PDF, EPUB, MOBI and LIT formats. E-Shorts are only available online (or at signings) but some are featured as part of collections available in paperback. Click on the covers below to learn more!

Science Fiction:
Stealing Wings Devoured From Within Gold Hills, Rust Valley Whispers of the World That Was Astride Twin Seas Minerva Minerva The Mars Manuscripts First book in the Pink Carbide series Second book in the Pink Carbide series Third book in the Pink Carbide series Fourth book in the Pink Carbide series Fifth book in the Pink Carbide series Sixth book in the Pink Carbide series Seventh book in the Pink Carbide series First arc of The Cygnus War Second Arc of The Cygnus War Third Arc of the Cygnus War Fourth Arc of the Cygnus War Fifth and Final Arc of the Cygnus War Erebus Arc Last Run Arc Cygnus War: Omnibus Raining Chrome RIM Cybergothika The Quiet Apocalypse Conquest of the Velvet Battlefield Perfect Downfall The Highforge Legacy Letters From A Dead Earth Dark Salvage Against Atlantis

Horror and Weird Fiction:
Book Of Eldritch Whispers Stimulus Fatal Mistakes Shores of the Nameless Gods Hyperborean Texts Children of the Indigai 8:05 (Horoscope) 8:05 (Horoscope) 8:05 (Horoscope)

Sword and Sorcery (Fantasy):
Rise of the Forgotten God Sisters In Slaughter ARKENSTRIDE E-Short series Old Blades, Older Magic

Literary Romance and Erotica:
What Will Be Skin Dreams Shadows of Light on Tomorrow's Mirror by Amanda Firefox

General Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction:
Cinder Block Houses Last Five Years Baby Jesus Eyes Decay Americana 21 Great Days Dusk Days and Daysleep Dreams The Way It Must Be

Poetry and Chapbooks

Red GenderTrans Physical DynamicsOpen The Rash Door The Tiger And The Fire

Games and Gaming resources:
Cygnus War ITSG URR:P Steam Wars Card GameURR:P Parade Rest

Interactive (Choose Your Path) Books
Like Oceans Of Liquid Skin

Writing Resources:
 The greatest book ever written A redux version of the workbook Writer's Workbook: Settings Writer's Workbook: Focus Objects Mix-Ups Over 200 tips and tricks!

Self Help and Lifestyle:
Reasons to Stay Single

Liber Luminopticon Liber Luminopticon Through The Fire

Limited Edition and/or Out Of Print:
Raining Chrome 1st ed Tuolumne Memories Roads By Water

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