I love America. Call it nationalistic pride if you want, but I think that this country still has potential to be great. I was born here, and even though the third world conditions all around me sometimes make me so disgusted I want to ditch this piece of dirt and start over in a country that actually cares about the health and happiness of its citizens, I’ve stayed. Why? Because I think that this place has the potential to be great. We have the potential to become a first world nation.

What’s the root of our problem? It’s not immigrants, it’s not pollution, it’s not money, it’s not any religious group or ethnicity– it’s greed, it’s unhappiness, it’s a lack of time, a lack of educational resources and a media-enhanced polarization of ideologies. We’re the richest nation on Earth, but there’s such a huge divide between the upper classes and the lower classes that it’s almost worse than feudalism. How do we fix it? By taking action. We have to buck the system. We have to stand up, call in sick, leave work in droves, turn off our televisions and stand outside on street corners with signs. We have to ask our leaders, our bosses and our politicians the kind of questions that are going to make them squirm. We have to change our daily habits virally, en masse, and send a message to the big corporations that rule this nation in the only voice we have left– the voice of the consumer.

I’m not advocating violence. I’m saying that we need to simply stop playing the game that the rich have written the rules for. We need to stand up and work together to change the rules or we are going to be trampled to death by the fortunate few as they swarm in like pigs at the feeding trough. We need to inform people, show them how their materialism selfishly hurts others. We need to educate people, make them think, and take action now before it is too late.

And if “the man” tries to put us down, if the system pushes on us, takes away our voice, our rights, our liberties or anything else we have, we must stand stronger and work harder toward a future where America will be a nation we can be proud of again, a nation where our children can grow up safe, where our children can always get the healthcare they need, and where our children won’t have to be afraid of speaking out against corruption wherever it may hide.

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