World-In-A-Bottle Map

I've seen a few "World in a bottle" type maps on here, and since I think it's such a cool idea, I decided to make my own take on it as a break between some of the larger, more complex maps that I've been making.

There are no specific "challenges" with this one. It's totally free play (and I would love to see what you create in the void!) but feel free to limit yourself with rules like "don't break the glass," etc. if you want to.

There is only one thing to beware of. If you die, the map will spawn you a handful of blocks outside of the bottle, so, like a skyblock challenge, if you die, you fall forever (unless you've built a platform out to catch your fall.) I could tell you the coordinates of the spawn, but that wouldn't be any fun, so I'm keeping it a secret for now.

So what makes this particular "world in a bottle" map unique?


* A sort of multi-biome on the surface that has all of the main elements of all the biomes.
* Veins of every ore in the game
* Mineshaft (with Cave Spiders)
* Dungeon (With Zombies, Spiders and Skeletons)
* A Lava level
* Fun secrets

. . .And more!

World-In-A-Bottle V.1 (1.1 mb .zip)
Download it here: [mediafire]

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