2015 Retrospective

2015 was the Year of Hell for me. Everything that mattered to me fell apart or was destroyed. I spent months and months living day to day, often wishing I wouldn't wake with the coming morning. I lived with my now ex-wife for months while she was head-over-heels in love with another man, and dealt with all of the "fun" that includes and entails. In June I started working for a law office, and it's turned out to be the most wonderful job I've ever had, but the destruction of the marriage that mattered so much to me and the betrayal of the woman I would have done anything to see happy, colored the entire year. I have never, in my life, lived through something more hellish, nor suffered a wound so greivous, at the hands of someone I loved so completely.

As such, I only managed to release six books of my own and one written by friend and fellow author, LA Sykes. Fourteen of my stories were placed in anthologies and magazines, and I had no significant projects on the side besides a couple of card games I was tinkering with and a battle jacket I've been stitching together. Pictured above, you will find the covers of the books I completed or was involved with the creation of during the course of this year.

The Way It Must Be (1/3/15)
Astride Twin Seas (4/5/15)
Whispers of the World That Was (4/26/15)
Gold Hills, Rust Valley (8/24/15)
Shotgun Therapy [LA Sykes] (9/23/15)
The Tiger And The Fire (10/9/15)
The Book of Eldritch Whispers (10/15/15)

As always, all books mentioned (except those anthologies I contributed to) can be found at Thunderune Publishing: www.thunderune.com

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