A World of Good

Want to get your hands on a copy of my latest novel MINERVA (check it out) for about three cents and help the world toward a better future? Here's the trick:

1. Check out Bitcoin (There's a video there too which explains what Bitcoin is and why it's awesome.

2. Get your Bitcoin Payment Address through the program (or through MyBitcoin, which seems to be easier.)

3. Make a visit to The Bitcoin Faucet or buy some Bitcoins from a market site (like these)

4. Once you've got at least .03 Bitcoins (Bitcoin Faucet gives you .05!) go to the page where you can get your copy of MINERVA (right here.)

5. Once payment goes through, you should be able to download your book! (If you used Bitcoin Faucet, the book is free! Wahoo!)

How does this help the world toward a better future? Check out this awesome article to find out! :)

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