What I Do:
English tutoring, public speaking, writing workshops, writing classes, editing, formatting, proofing, publishing and help with revision on essays/stories/books and other projects. As an editor and a publisher, I'm well versed in the intricacies of the English language. I know what sells and I know how to sell it, and I know what separates art and skill from junk. I do workshops, and I love teaching courses on creative writing.

Editing / Review Rates:
$100 for basic editing on any essay, story, poem or article under 10 pages. Over ten pages: $7 per page. (I do books, dissertations, etc!)

NOTE: For edits made directly to the document, send via Google Docs, or only .RTF, .ODT or Microsoft doc (.DOC) format files. For written feedback and corrections you can review, then translate to the digital document yourself, I prefer a printed copy and return postage. I only accept printed copies or Google Docs for manuscripts over ten pages. All manuscripts must be formatted with one-inch margins, must be double-spaced and be in a standard 12pt font (such as Times New Roman.)

In my career as an author, I have ghostwritten more than 11 books and more than 60 short stories. Costs vary depending on the material provided by the client. $0.70 / word is the standard rate. You gain full rights to the material after completion, no credit or copyright release necessary.

In Person / Skype / Chat Rates:
$45 an hour + applicable travel expenses (if in person.)

Rates for engagements, classes, seminars and speaking events are negotiable (contact for more information.)

Example Workshops You Can Request:
  • English Tutoring
  • Essay Workshop
  • Creative Writing
  • How to Write Your First Book
  • The Future of Publishing
  • How to Get Published
  • How to Make Money Writing
  • How to Market Your Book
  • Working Past Writer's Block
  • Cultivating Professional Confidence
  • Writing in a Genre (Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, etc.)
  • Writing in a Medium (Short Story, Poetry, Novel, etc.)
  • And many more!

Contact Email:
To arrange services, contact the author at: earl.wynn@gmail.com

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