Stephen King

Today, I found out that Stephen King has a policy stating that any aspiring filmmaker can adapt his short stories for $1. How awesome is that? [source]

The more I learn about the guy, the more I like him.

In the tradition of the great Stephen King, I am hereby stating (officially) that it is now also my policy to allow any aspiring filmmakers to adapt any of my short stories for just a dollar. Here's hoping some other awesome authors out there take note and make it their policy as well!

For those who missed the original announcement, I'm also still working on my 50 books before I'm 30 personal challenge. That is, fifty books written and published before I turn 50. I'm almost there! :)

Letters From A Dead Earth

My latest project is a MASSIVE post-apocalyptic Minecraft survival map consisting of 7 complete cities, half a dozen smaller towns and a number of other sites all connected through highways, wilderness trails and back roads. For this project, I'm using Santiago3's texture pack "The End is Extremely Nigh" and populating the various deserted and destroyed areas of the map with a mixture of buildings of my own design and some modified structures from the MCedit schematics forum. Full credit will be given on posts (and in a book in the map) once I release it. To give you an idea of how big this map is-- each of the pictures above comes from a different city or town location and the current size for the map itself (unzipped) is 196 MB.

It's not ready for download yet, but I'm close. I have one city left to build, a few towns to spruce up and assemble and then it's on to bug fixing and inserting a huge number of "written books" that allow the story of what happened to this "Dead Earth" to be discovered by players adventurous enough to explore the map. Sounds like a lot, but at the rate I've been working, it should only be a few weeks. I'm looking to release before the end of October at the very, very latest, but realistically, it should be no later than the beginning of October.

A Little Off-Time

Just some screenshots of what I do in my offtime. :)

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