About Zero Dusk

What is Zero Dusk?

Zero Dusk is a simple, text-only space exploration game. It is sandbox/open world in format, is consistently updated and it's also ad free. Your mission, if you choose to accept it: explore the cosmos, interact with what you find and/or just have fun reading the entries.

Who runs Zero Dusk?

My name is E.S. Wynn. I am the author of over 50 books and am also the chief editor of seven online fiction journals. You can find out more about me by navigating the links on the left, or by visiting my publishing company [here].

How often is Zero Dusk updated?

That depends on how busy I am. Zero Dusk is a personal project I'm sharing with the world. I do it for fun. It's always been said that if the book you want to read hasn't been written yet, then you should write it. This is kind of like that for me. New entries always appear at the top of the page, so check the Zero Dusk site periodically and see if the top post has changed.

What inspired Zero Dusk?

Love. Love of space, of exploration and science fiction. There are echoes of all of my favorite authors here, tributes, homages, dreams and a million other things. Carl Sagan, James Cameron, Jean Giraud, Chris Foss, John Berkey, Kingdom of Loathing-- there are too many muses to list.

How can I support Zero Dusk?

The best way is by picking up a book for yourself or for someone else from my publishing company, Thunderune Publishing. Another way is by donating through the link below. I promise I won't spend your hard-earned dollars on booze or hookers, but it will probably go toward paying off the student loan I picked up when I was going to a tech school in a youthful attempt at getting a real job.


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For all other suggestions, comments, bugs, advice, business offers, film deals, etc. please us the contact form [here]

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