Reach For The Highest Skies

What is the Highest Skies RPG?

Highest Skies began as a simple, text-only space exploration game and has grown to include an entire RPG (Roleplaying Game) with rules that can be picked up quickly and easily. It is sandbox/open world in format, living in nature, with a "Changelog" to track the addition of new content. The website, which contains dozens of interstellar destinations you can visit with casual, online play, is ad free. Your mission, if you choose to accept it: explore the cosmos, interact with what you find and/or just have fun reading the entries.

Who runs the Highest Skies RPG?

My name is E.S. Wynn. I am the author of over 70 books. I am the chief editor of two long-running online journals, one poetry in nature, the other featuring science fiction stories you can read for free. You can find out more about me by navigating the links on the left, or by visiting my publishing company [here].

How often is the Highest Skies RPG updated?

Check the Highest Skies Changelog for more information.

What inspired the Highest Skies RPG?

Love. Love of space, of exploration and science fiction. There are echoes of all of my favorite authors here, tributes, homages, dreams and a million other things. Samuel R. DelanyCarl Sagan, James Cameron, Jean Giraud, Chris Foss, John Berkey, Kingdom of Loathing-- there are too many muses to list.

How can I support the Highest Skies RPG?

The best way is by picking up a book for yourself or for someone else from my publishing company, Thunderune Publishing. A core book detailing play is available here: [link]Another way is by becoming a supporter on my Patreon page, or by donating through the link below.


Some of the pages have interactive components that are powered by google forms. If these components do not show up on your computer, try disabling any ad-blocking software and/or enabling javascript, as these may interfere with google forms.

For all other suggestions, comments, bugs, advice, business offers, film deals, etc. please use the contact form [here]

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This Project Was Formerly Called Zero Dusk (c)2014
Zero Dusk and Highest Skies are (c) E.S. Wynn, 2014.
"Cadillac Nebula" Painting Copyright Alex Rayne Rubsam (2016).

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