My name is Earl S. Wynn.

In some places, they call me "The Wind," and in others, the Space Cowboy, but here on Earth, I'm known as the man with the plan, and my plan is to write, and to do it well.

E.S. Wynn is the author of nineteen books (Pink Carbide trilogy, The Cygnus War series in print, Beyond Oblivion and a Modern Creative Writer's Workbook, among others.) the chief editor of three daily literary fiction magazines (Weirdyear, Yesteryear Fiction, and Daily Love) designer and voice actor for all 10 discs of the Meditations for the Soul series, as well as the owner of Thunderune Publishing. His chief love is art and his chief addiction is thinking.

Have a project that you think is right up my proverbial alley? Think I might be just what you need to help you with your project or just want to shoot me some fan mail?

Feel free to contact me at admin@thunderune.com!

My Resume:

Completed CHSPE at 16
AA Liberal Arts
AA English (GPA 3.9 in major -- PHR: 5 sem, DL: 1 sem)
BA English (GPA 3.9 in major) May 2010

Golden Key Member (Sacramento State)
Sigma Tau Delta Member (International English Honor Society)

Voice Work:
Pink Carbide (Audiobook)
11 Weird Tales
Meditations For The Soul Series (10 discs)
My page on Youtube (classic literature and some original pieces)

Publications (Through Thunderune Publishing)
WEIRDYEAR Daily Flash Fiction ('zine)
Yesteryear Fiction (Daily Fantasy Fiction 'zine)
Daily Love (Daily Love Story/Romantic Poetry 'zine)

Raining Chrome (No longer in print - Available upon request)

Pink Carbide (Book 1)(ISBN: 9780615140452)
Aluminum Opus (Book 2)(ISBN: 9780615179834)
Carbon Aria (Book 3)(ISBN: 9780615262789)
The Cygnus War: Tarsis Arc (ISBN pending - see "Series" below.)
The Cygnus War: Rescue Arc (ISBN pending - see "Series" below.)
The Cygnus War: Downfall Arc (ISBN pending - see "Series" below.)
The Cygnus War: Weapon Arc (ISBN pending - see "Series" below.)
The Cygnus War: Awaken Arc (ISBN pending - see "Series" below.)
The Cygnus War: Erebus Arc (ISBN pending - see "Series" below.)
The Cygnus War: Last Run Arc (ISBN pending - see "Series" below.)
The Cygnus War: Complete Series (Omnibus edition)(ISBN pending - see "Series" below.)
A Modern Creative Writer's Workbook (ISBN pending)
A Modern Creative Writer's Manual (ISBN pending)
Beyond Oblivion: Flash Fiction & Prose Poetry (ISBN pending)
The Mars Manuscripts
The Cygnus War ITSG

Short Stories
Vatgrown at Neometropolis
R-Series at Neometropolis
Streetmodz at 365 Tomorrows
Fatal Mistake at Alienskin Magazine

The Cygnus War (The Tessa Chronicles) Online Series. Session 1 completes in May 2010 at 106 episodes. Session 2 (final session) completes in June 2011 at 53 Episodes.

Live Exhibitons:
McBean Perk Poetry Reading (Lincoln News Messenger: Kocol Headlines Lincoln Poets Club)
Wheatland Books, Booksigning (2-18-08) (Covered by Wheatland Sentinel)
Pipe and Drum Bands Help Celebrate Scottish Culture (Oregon - The Gresham Outlook)

Short Stories (Through HubPages)
Five 50 Word Stories

Articles and Non Fiction Pieces

Official Blog (Activism, thought-provoking subjects, etc.)
This Is A Test Of The Emergency Broadcast System

Articles (Through hubpages) (http://hubpages.com/)
Crude Technology: Our Modern Oil Addiction
A Custom Humanity: What can genes do for you?
Cryogenics: Suspended Animation, Pulse Optional
Nanotechnology: Making Good Technology Smaller!
Faster Than Light Travel: The Problem with FTL
Transhumanism: Humanity's Final Frontier
Archaeologists of the Future
The New Heroes -- Technology's Active Role in Modern Mythology
Teleportation as Transportation
Artificial Intelligence
Active Camouflage
Rayguns and Lasers
How to succeed in life using Junk Mail and your Mind
Front Lines (Book review)
Altered Carbon (Book review)
Starship Troopers (Book review)
Five Fists of Science (Book review)
Catcher in the Rye (Book review)
Space 1889 (Book review)
Scar Night (Book review)
Beyond the Safe Zone (Book review)
The Best Sites For Free Stock Photos
The Best Way to Back Up Your Files and Photos
101 Reasons to Stay Single: The Big List Of The benefits of Bachelorism
101 RPG Traps, Puzzles and Challenges
20 Fantastic Ways to Come Out of the Closet
The Wicked Side of Cyberpunk
Earl S. Wynn on Hubpages (Organization Hub)
11 Bizarre Ways to Die
Art Cars: The Blue Valkyrie
5 Unique New Worlds to Add to Your Sci-Fi Campaign
11 Quick Planets to Spice up Your Campaign
7 Hellsing Themed Investigators for Arkham Horror
Economic Equality: Are Women Getting The Short End of the Stick?
11 Hellsing Baddies for Arkham Horror
10 Masters of Electronic Music You Must Hear
101 Easy Ways You Can Make the World a Better Place
A Brief Analysis of D.H. Lawrence's "The Ship of Death"
Valentine's Day and the Internet: Too much of a good thing?
Things in the Bathroom You Shouldn't Give a Crap About
11 Final Fantasy Characters for Talisman
7 New Enterprise Cards That Will Kick the Death Star's Butt
Where the Timid Fail
The Property of Muntropy
How The Hair in My Drain Is Like the Curve of Our Ever-Expanding Universe
Living with Chickens
15 Female Cosplayers that Mix Hot With Awesome
Naruto Pen and Paper RPG
11 Geeky, Bizarre and Awesome Star Wars CCG cards
Naruto RPG: Chakra Weapons
Libraries and Funding Issues
Shakespeare's Women
Using Build Points to Make Characters for Dungeons and Dragons
Secret Worlds (Stock Gallery)
Flower Gallery (Stock Gallery)
A Modern Proposal
Secret Worlds II (Stock Gallery)
A Comparison of Greek and Roman Conceptions of Divinity
20 Quotes by Romance Author Amanda Firefox
23 Awesome Trance Tracks
Heroism: Always at a Disadvantage?
12 Cute and Funny Lolcats
Bloodfire Twilight: A Simplified Sheet for D&Der's Who Just want to RP
Incorporating Cortical Stacks Into Your RPG Campaign
(Title Too Long)
How To Make Your Own Pen and Paper RPG (Part 1)
101 Writing Prompts to Inspire You
An In-Depth Analysis of the Sexual Preference of the Higgs Boson
See Poetry and Fiction for those entries to HubPages

Articles (Through Hot Psychology) (www.hot-psychology.com)
Violence: Real Vs. Virtual: Coincidence or Consequence?
Valentine’s day and the Internet: Too much of a good thing?
A New Look at Cyberpirates and Bootleg;
What Lurks in the reaches of the net
An Interview with Thibaut Hourtellian
The Better Way of Learning: A Look at Internet Classes
Cryogenics: Suspended Animation, Pulse Optional
Nanotechnology: Making Good Technology Smaller!
Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Moral Debate
Teleportation as a Form of Transportation: Scientific Possibility or Worthless Media Dream?
Chronotechnology: How Can We Make Time Work For Us?
Active Camouflage: Using Technology to "Blend In"
Rayguns: The Future is... in the Past?
Very Light Jets: The Latest and Greatest for Millions Less
Long Distance Relationships - How Technology Brings Distant Lovers Just A Little Closer
Crude Technology: Our Modern Oil Addiction
A Custom Humanity: What can genes do for you?
Computers, the Internet, and the English Language
Faster than Light Travel
Cybernetics: Are you ready to get 'borged?
Life on Other Planets: Part one of the Science Behind Settling the Stars
Terraforming: Part two of the Science Behind Settling the Stars
Home Sweet Dome: Paraterraforming (Part III)
Offworld and Orbitals: (Part IV)
Stellar Land Rights: (Part V)
The Future of Books
How Fragile Thou Art: (Archaeologists of the future)
The New Heroes: Technology's Active Role in Modern Mythology
Software review: WinJournal
Software review: Pzizz

Articles (Through The Opinion Magazine) (www.theopinionmagazine.com)
The Benefits of Large Business
Armed Flight: Why Concealed Carry is Beneficial to Air Safety
Laws and Assault Rifles: Should the Ban be Lifted?
Violence: Real Vs. Virtual: Coincidence or Consequence?
A Short Report on Economic Democracy
Domestic and International Policy in America
Film Review ~ Aliens Vs. Predator

Article Series
Path of the Yazhi (http://www.pieces4faith.com/Yahzi/)

Articles and Reviews (Through Associated Content) (www.associatedcontent.com)
Social Movements: Then and Now
Internet Classes: A Look at Online Education
Review: Battle Angel
Review: Cirque-style extravaganza!, Taganai
Review: The Kingdom of Loathing (2nd place of most emailed to others/week on 8-22-05)
Review: Hellsing
Review: Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse
Review: Dune (1984) (Rated #4 for top content for the week of 9-1-05)
Review: Ghost in the Shell 2, Innocence (Rated #1 for top content for the week of 8-30-05)
Review: Ghost in the Shell, Stand Alone Complex
Review: Jin Roh: Anime
Review: Zardoz (1974) (Rated #3 for top content for the week of 9-12-05)
Violence: Real Vs. Virtual: Coincidence or Consequence?
An Interview with Jim Idema
An interview with Thibaut Hourtellian
The Extremist's Guide to Getting Ahead in the College World
Free Games! (A review of Flash Games)
The Grotte De Chauvet (Pont D'arc)
An Analysis of Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira
Winjournal Software Review
Pzizz computer assisted hypnosis
What lurks on the Internet
The Future of Books
Archaeologists of the Future

Mass-Mailed articles:
Straight But Not Narrow: Attacking Homophobia

Notable Local Government Publications:
Chipper Project and Columbia Fuel Reduction Project flyer

Spartan College Publications:
Chief Editor for Flight Campus Student Council Monthly (Nov 2005 - April 2006)

Reviews (Through Videogame Reviews.com)
Electronic Arts’ Alpha Centauri Review

Reviews (Through I-Mockery.com)
Drakkhen Review (Classic Games)

Reviews (Through Amazon.com) (Rank: 63110 as of 8-12-05)
Bloody, Fastpaced and Fun! (On Alien’s V.S. Predator)
The Game That Wouldn’t Die (On Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri)
Epic Sci-fi at it’s Finest (On The Chronicles of Riddick)
A Rare and Precious Classic (On Kemco/Seika’s Drakkhen)
A Whole New Take on Country (On Tim Mcgraw’s “Live like you were dying”)
A Classic worth revisiting countless times? Oh yes. (On E.A. Games’ System Shock II)
Horror? Maybe... Drama? Most Definitely! (On “The Village”)
It Just Keeps Getting Better! (On Hirano’s Hellsing, Volume 5.)
Hirano Just Keeps Getting Better! (On Hirano’s Hellsing, Volume 4.)


Poetry (Through Sacramento Bee)
Suburban Soldiers (10-25-07, Online Edition)

Poetry (Through Neometropolis Magazine) (www.neometropolis.com)
Lost in the Machine

Poetry (Through See the Sun Magazine) (http://www.geocities.com/seethesun2012/)
Of Minerva

Poetry (Through PowWow Paper) (http://www.powwowpaper.com/index.html)

Poetry (Through HubPages) (www.hubpages.com)
Am Cridhe -- A love poem

Poetry (Through the International Library of Poetry) (Poetry.com)
Beneath a Blood Red Sky
Color Transfer
Immortal's Lament
Immortals Apart
Love of a Dream
Visionary's Ramble
What Kind of Life Would This Be?
The Queen of Blades (shortened version)
The Samurai
The Fading

RPG resources (Through www.hubpages.com)
Character Classes:
*Conduit Mage
*Blade Mage
*Dwarven Shadow

Adventure Seeds
11 Steampunk Adventure Seeds
11 Cyberpunk Adventure Seeds
11 Horror Adventure Seeds
11 Firefly/Serenity Adventure Seeds
11 Alien Adventure Seeds
11 Post Apocalyptic Adventure Seeds
11 Wraeththu Adventure Seeds

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