Quoting my father

Scrying Mirror

Scrying mirror for viewing the past and future, also for looking within or beyond.

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Bowl and Egg

A little compilation of a bowl and egg that I did together. The inscription is a prayer to the owner that they may never thirst, hunger or want for anything. This piece was given as a gift and is not for sale.

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Val Wynn

Another piece that I did for my father. Burnt wood + Acrylic on 100+ year old oak.

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Chalices engraved with the four classical elements (five being spirit.) Given as a birthday present.

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Just in time for Halloween! Just finished this piece. It's a pyrographic (burnt wood) painting I was originally working on last year in anticipation of an art exposition for the League of Proper Villains (Sacramento Villains.) I'm pretty proud of this piece, and I'm looking to sell it for $1500 (which is the usual going rate for a large canvas piece like this.)

It's big, done on a piece of wood 4 feet tall and 1 foot 11 wide.

If you're unfamiliar with pyrography as an art form, check out my tutorial here: (click here)

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From now until October 31st, 2011, Thunderune Publishing is having a "pay-what-you-want" blowout sale! Here's how it works:

  1. Pick a book from the list at my publishing company that you would like to read (click here)
  2. Click the "Donate" button below and enter any amount that you would like to pay
  3. Include the name of the book you'd like to read so I can email it to you. All books are sent in Adobe Acrobat PDF (unless otherwise specified to be sent as .lit, .EPUB or Kindle format.)*

* The Mars Manuscripts, Steam Wars, The Cygnus War ITSG and URR: Planets are too large to send and, if requested, your donation will be refunded. Sorry! :)

Donations: 9
Current Average Donation: $11.11
Raise the average and get five books instead of one!

Thank you!

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