Better Than Real

As some of my readers know, there's nothing that I get more excited about than science fiction, but when that science fiction is so near future that it falls into that quasi-subgenre of cyberpunk which holds works like Richard K. Morgan's Altered Carbon series or my own Pink Carbide series, I really start to get excited. In the case of this book, not only is it an awesome contribution to the post-cyberpunk literary world, but it is also very well written and very intelligent.

And the best part-- it's a print on demand book. It's a part of the future. It's proof that a book can be both excellent beyond belief and be published on such a small scale that practically nobody knows about it. Seriously, this book rocks. Five stars and then some.

Quick synopsis: A young bot designer named Lee is caught in a high-stakes, deadly pursuit when he stumbles across an advanced combat A.I. named Lilith in the body of one of his designs - - after it has murdered someone. But who is the real enemy here? The combat A.I., or the people desperately trying to kill it, Lee, and anyone else in between? It's a thrillride you wont be able to put down and wont be able to forget.

The Publisher (Velluminous Press)

Review of "Better Than Real" on P.O.D. lings

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If you love Sci-Fi check out Enders Game I just finished it - EPIC

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