Dream big!

I believe in the power of "I AM." 

One of the keys to bringing the things into your life that you want is not to simply wish for them and see them as being separate from yourself, it is seeing yourself as having those things already and truly living within that better life. Instead of wanting for love, visualize yourself in love. Say: "I am in love." Feel it. Believe it. Realize that dreams and visualization are the first and one of the most important steps toward getting what you want out of life!

Manifestation Wall exists as a place where you can weave reality. It is a place where you can dream among the global consciousness and reach out to the universe, projecting a reality that you want to see come to pass. It is a place where you can write your dreams as reality, live as if they had already come to pass, and place that reality into the greater fabric of human global consciousness.

Take a look around, see some of the hundreds of dreams that have already been put out there, and contribute some of your own.

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