Bizarre Writing Prompt #17

The road, the road goes on forever. Straight, locked in course, it flows like sun through sky, never curves, never meanders. Stop for a moment, breathe, and when you look around, you realize that there is no road at all. There never was.
Write your story.

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Christina C. Franklin said...

Bubbles, just bubbles. That’s all I see as I descend into the cold depth of the Atlantic, motionless and unable to move. My hearing is muted, and I can no longer breathe. I am losing consciousness, but haven’t forgotten. Haven’t forgotten how I arrived in this forecastable predicament, or how I could have avoided it altogether. My hope is rapidly fading with the once bright light, the deeper I continue descend. I hear nothing but a faint rumble as I close my eyes. Is it the sound of the ocean floor, or a rescuer coming to my defense?

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