Bizarre Writing Prompt #9

Twin boots touch the sky. Twin dragons intertwine in supple lines. Twin hands lace in darkness, but only a single heart throbs passionate.

Write your story.

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Jolly Roger said...

Dare to live a life.

Cyber , mental or physical space we are the observer, and it feeds our need for entertainment, the lazy effect point that doesn't make us responsible for anything.

We create a state, that will take care of us, and conveniently deny that the state can not give anything to anyone, unless it took it from someone in the first place.

Why am I talking about that, ..who cares...we have three more levels to complete until we can get a new life and reload our life power, get more striking power and enhanced shields in this game.

Will a photon in a quantumized gravitational field lose energy and thus be an alternative explanation to the Doppler effect as to universal expansion?


....will I get a benefit from a laser sword as opposed to a power field shield on my next level?

...Dunno, haven't touch neither universe, they are just entertaining me, but photons are boring and feed action is fun.

I'm fat, broke, have no girlfriend, but I get by with masturbating, and my bicycle is broke.

It's got a flat tire.

It's been broke for a half year, but my cousin that comes here, on occasion, that can fix such things have not been here for a while now.

God has pre determined everything, so I am just a participant in a game in where the outcome is fixed.

Therefore I really don't do much, because I really cant take the punishment of failing.

I don't see the point in looking, asking and be curious, ...what difference does that do?

Professors know, so I don't need to know....they know for me.

I got a job as a duck feeder in the park, it doesn't pay much, but I don't need much...

...I hate ducks.

My two older brothers and my younger sister are all married, I don't hear much of them nowadays, but my mom comes here occasionally and put me in the shower and clean my apartment.

She always bring cookies.

I have to complete level four now....

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