Spread the word! Romance Author Amanda Firefox's long awaited flash fiction collection is here!

Maybe I'm biased because Amanda is one of my creative writing students and I'm proud beyond belief at how darn talented she has become, but I seriously enjoyed this book. It's sexy without being erotic, it's romantic without being sappy, it's sensual without being an overload and hey-- its flash fiction! Does it get any better than that? This book is a definite must read. Go Amanda!

From the back cover:
Take a journey into a world where romance and the surreal mix into vistas of unseen majesty, tantalizing touch, taste and sound with sensual wordplay and the skill that only a writer’s tongue can weave. Follow romance author Amanda Firefox into the steamy bedroom of flash fiction for a series of tales that will leave you panting and breathless, searching for the syllables to put your own experience into words. Peak, and the page will catch you, cradle you through the afterglow that only a book as short and sweet as Shadows of Light on Tomorrow’s Mirror can give you.

Amanda Firefox is a fiery little brunette who spends as much time at the beach as she can manage. She doesn't write much, but when she writes, it's almost always about her favorite subject: boys.

$8.95 in 6x9 Paperback
$2.95 as an Ebook

Don't miss this one! Pick up your copy here today!

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