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Once in a while, you come across something so cool you can't help but blabber about it to practically everyone you know-- and then some. Continuing in that tradition, here are two sites that I ran across online that definitely deserve some attention!

The first is "The Symphony of Science", the site behind "A More Glorious Dawn". Continuing in the vein of science made musical, this site has continued to impress with three new releases, all awesomely composed and organized. And the best part? Every last one of them has a music video attached to it. It doesn't get any cooler than this.

A composer who does video game and anime music for charity? Can I get a "Hello God!" ? Not only does this guy create sheet music from this stuff that you can play, he does it all. . . everything, for charity! Not to mention he's a pro at the piano. At the very least, stop on by this guy's site and check out the music he plays. Better than that, pick up a copy of his album!

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