A Speech

I was talking with "Tril O'Bite", a friend of mine, about various sundry things relating to Weirdyear, and during the course of our conversation I received this awesome speech (written by the same friend) that I swear I'm going to deliver someday to a large audience.

"Why, Weirdyear has an enormous role in society, of course. It will be read by millions everyday, they will consult it for guidance much like going to the astrology column. The honor of having your story published on it will bring fame and glory to the fortunate few. Beautiful nerdy short-haired women will flock to my door and hardened criminals will turn themselves in. Flowers will bloom and cats will purr. The planets will be exquisitely aligned every day. My car will stop leaking and the chickens will poop away from the walkway. Nuns will fly again and the economy will recover. Pastoral farms will float around like giant lilypads in the sky, not making shade for too long in any one spot..."

Beautiful, simply beautiful. All true too! ;)

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